from the heart

My name is Iris Gloudemans, Rotterdam based designer, printmaker and yoga teacher.

Yoga is a foundation in my life and in my work as a teacher and designer. I create from the heart with the yoga philosophy as a fundamental base. I’m a down-to-earth person with both my feet on the ground. As a designer I visualise the mission of holistic companies and entrepreneurs, such as yoga studios, retreat centers, spiritual events, mindfulness centers, coaches or haptotherapists.

My search for spirituality started in my childhood. As a 9-year old I found a way to express myself through art. I continued my way through the Art Academy in Maastricht. During my study in graphic design I’ve spent a lot of time in the graphic workshop. After my studies I started working as a graphic designer in Rotterdam. Moving to the big city was quite a change for me coming from a little town. After a period of hard work, I returned to my search for spirituality seeking meaning and depth in my life.


De opdrachtgevers waar ik mee samenwerk komen niet altijd uit NL. Daarom deze engelstalige website. Ik woon en werk in Rotterdam. Stuur gerust een mailtje of bel me voor meer info!

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That's why I joined the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vidya in Rotterdam. An intensive training of two years based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda. At first, I was only interested in the philosophy and the meaning of yoga. Being in front of the group and teaching yoga was not my cup of tea. Until my teacher gave me a little push. When the fear disappeared, I started to enjoy it. For me the most beautiful part of teaching hatha yoga is guiding people to the point where curiosity for a deeper understanding of who you truly are might arise. 


At this moment in my life, I’m intertwining these two important fundamentals: design and yoga. Yoga, meditation and the study of Advaita Vedanta are part of my daily routine and my inspiration. When I practise frequently, creativity arrives, and my work starts flowing. My visual expressions come straight from my heart. I often use spiritual stories and symbols as a background for my designs. Because without a concept or a deeper meaning, design is just a fragile outer shell that breaks easily. This is something I strive to transcend.


Are you interested in what I do and how I work? Maybe we can enrich each other's lives. Feel free to get in touch with me.